About Intergroup

Intergroup provides a variety of services that assist the A.A. groups in carrying the message to the still suffering alcoholic. Some of the most important functions Intergroup provides include:

  • Providing the A.A. listing in local telephone directories, receiving phone calls, answering inquiries and discreetly referring requests for help to A.A. members who have agreed to take 12th step calls,
  • Maintaining an accurate meeting list and making it available on their website and app,
  • Stocking and selling A.A. literature and anniversary tokens, and
  • Coordinating the efforts of Intergroup Committees.

Palm Beach County Intergroup consists of and is operated by the A.A. groups in District 8, Area 15, which is defined as Palm Beach County. Palm Beach County Intergroup Representatives normally meet monthly, on the second Wednesday. Each group in the District is asked to send both a Representative and an Alternate to the monthly meetings.

Intergroup Representatives communicate information between Intergroup and their A.A. group. Information such as the latest happenings and opportunities for service, for example, and anything that Intergroup wishes the individual groups to know, is learned through each A.A. group’s Intergroup Representative. In addition, officers are elected from among these representatives and a steering committee is set up to administer the activities of the office.

Is your group represented at Intergroup? If not, consider becoming an Intergroup Representative so that your group can have the voice it deserves in operating our Intergroup. The Representative typically serves a one year term, and their service commitment includes attending the monthly Intergroup meeting, which is held the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

There are no dues or fees for participation. Intergroup is supported by the voluntary contributions of the individual A.A. groups. Palm Beach County Intergroup operates in accordance with the principles of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, and as such, we are self-supporting.

Yes! There are other ways to get involved at Intergroup other than becoming a Group Representative. If you are interested in other aspects of volunteering at Intergroup, please call the office at (561) 655-5700.