The Birthday Club Committee sends special congratulations to those who have achieved a year or more of sobriety along with a Bill and Bob medallion. Volunteers also ensure that the recipients’ anniversaries are listed in the Today Publication. To join the Birthday Club, send your donation of $1 for each year of sobriety and you will receive a special medallion. Click here for instructions.

Alcoholics being released from treatment and correctional facilities sometimes need a friendly face to meet them at a meeting upon being released from the facility, and the Bridging the Gap Committee provides this temporary contact. Volunteers introduce these individuals to meetings near their home as well as bring the message to local recovery centers. Email for more information.

The Group Contact Committee visits groups that are either new or do not have an Intergroup Representative. Their purpose is to connect with someone in the group who is willing be that Group’s Contact so the group can stay up to date with Intergroup news. Email if you are interested in volunteering.

Carrying the A.A. message to those unable to attend regular A.A. meetings is the mission of the Institutions Committee. Volunteers in this committee take meetings to correctional facilities, treatment centers, adolescent facilities, homeless shelters, detox facilities, mental health facilities, half-way houses and community court facilities. In total, over 350 meetings a month are conducted by the Institutions committee.

The committee also purchases soft cover big books for the individuals in these facilities. To raise the necessary funds to do this, they hold an annual, “Big Book Ball,” and ask each group to pass around a pink can for donations. Due to an increased need for meetings and the rising cost of books, the need for both volunteers and donations is growing.

If you have at least 6 months of continuous sobriety and would like to volunteer on the Institutions Committee, simply show up at the monthly meeting, which is held on the first Sunday of each month at 4:30 p.m. at the Intergroup Office. Volunteers may accept a commitment after a brief orientation and attending two consecutive meetings in which volunteers speak with a current member. You may also email the committee at to express your interest.

Volunteers from our fellowship take turns, filling time slots, to answer the phones after hours and on weekends. The phone volunteer committee maintains this rotating system. If you have at least one year of continuous sobriety and would like to volunteer to answer phones, email or call the Intergroup Office at (561) 655-5700.

The Public Information Committee provides A.A. Literature to local governmental and civic organizations, health care providers, schools and libraries, and legal and law enforcement agencies, and informs interested parties as to what A.A. is and what it is not. Email if you would like to help.

Today is the monthly newsletter of the Palm Beach County Intergroup Association. It is for all practical purposes, the voice of Intergroup and the groups we serve. The newsletter is to be informative, educational, and entertaining in carrying the message of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Today is responsible for informing all groups and members of GSO, Intergroup, and our associated groups’ announcements and activities. The Today also publishes the monthly financial reports for both Intergroup and the Institutions Committee.

Additionally, The Today reprints with the permission of GSO, AAWS, and the Grapevine; Conference approved articles, The Steps, Traditions, Concepts, and submitted Grapevine letters that may be of interest and educational value to our groups and members. Because we are not a glum lot and absolutely insist on enjoying the life we have been given in recovery, The Today entertains our groups and members by listing individual group and Intergroup events. The Today also utilizes cartoons from the Grapevine, drawings, slogans, and graphics to promote the attitude consistent with our happy, joyous, and free lifestyle.

The Today Committee Chair, also known as the editor of The Today, answers to the body of the Intergroup Association by presenting each issue to the Committee Chairs and Officers for review, comments, and direction to insure The Today does not become the voice of one, but remains the collective voice of all. Email if you would like to contribute.

Maintaining the Palm Beach County Intergroup website ( is the main responsibility of the Website Committee. This includes keeping documents up-to-date on the site, and most critically, the A.A. meeting lists in our area. Email to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

The Where & When Committee works with the Intergroup Office Manager and Website Committee to ensure that all updates to our meeting lists (“Where & When’s”) and website are accurate. Their email is