The 65th Florida State Convention is coming!

The 65th Florida State Convention is been announced! Check out the event website here for more details. Here’s an update from the Convention Chair:

Happy October!

Here are some updates that may interest you. 

First, we are 90% full at the hotel.  This is unprecedented, but welcomed.  As a result, we have been working on setting up a few overflow hotels. More information on these will be available as we get closer. 

When you go to reserve your room, you may get a message stating that rooms are not available during that time.    In the event that you are unable to book your room for the nights you want, go ahead and book what is available and then go to the link below to be put on the waitlist for the nights you were unable to book due to availability. 


Hotel waitlist link

Or, if you prefer, use this convenient QR Code:

Although it is surely important to get your room reserved, please don’t forget to register.  Early registration helps us to be able to pay our expenses.  And remember the banquets are limited and the persons who get their banquet tickets early, get the better seating for the meeting.  So, it’s a win win!

Our committees are very busy getting things ready for you all.  One of the committees, the Marathon Meeting Committee is looking for groups to fill time slots throughout the convention.

This is one of the many opportunities to not only do service, but have fun doing it with your home group.  Download and fill out the form below to get your home group involved.  Don’t miss out on the FUN! 


Marathon Meeting Form

Keep an eye for more updates as we move forward with the 65th Florida State Convention at the luxurious Fort Lauderdale Harbor Beach Marriott Resort and Spa.

In Loving Service your Convention Chair,

Karen Valiquette

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