POSTPONED: Area 15 Oct 2022 Quarterly

Please read the below message from our Area 15 Chair

All members of Area 15 are in our prayers during this challenging time. Please see the letter below.

I regret to inform you that by a unanimous vote of your trusted servants, we will not be meeting this weekend. Please take care of yourselves and your families.

Please share this information attached widely. We will have an update hopefully by the end of next week but wanted to get you some information now as many have contacted me asking the status of our weekend. 

We want to do what is best so we can have as much participation as possible. Our member’s safety is foremost on our minds.

September 27, 2022

Area 15 Member,

Our prayers continue to be with everyone in Area 15 as Tropical Storm Ian has been upgraded to Hurricane Ian and all Florida counties have come under a state of emergency as declared by Gov. DeSantis. Your Area 15 Officers, the Quarterly Coordinator Committee, and the Hosting District Chairperson have continued monitoring weather conditions with an eye toward making the best decision for all concerned about our Area 15 Assembly weekend scheduled for Sept. 30-Oct. 2.

As much as we all had hoped to meet in person this weekend, and while we are aware many people have planned for this assembly for a long time, that does not appear feasible. Nor does it appear feasible to meet virtually due to the likelihood of widespread power outages that would disenfranchise those who find themselves without electricity. Therefore, I regret to inform you that by a unanimous vote of your trusted servants, we will not be meeting this weekend. Please take care of yourselves and your families.

Hurricane Ian has already passed through District 19 and our prayers continue during their recovery from the storm.  At this time, members in 17 of our 19 districts – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 20 – are under either a hurricane watch/warning, or a tropical storm watch/warning. Our prayers for safety are with all members. Some members have been ordered to evacuate their homes. While we realize that the hurricane will pass over our area before the weekend, the lives of many of our members may be in disarray; still more will likely be without power. Additionally, Sanibel Island, our assembly site, is at this time under mandatory evacuation.

Your Quarterly Coordinator Committee had been in touch with the hotel but now that the decision has been made, I have notified the hotel of our cancellation and asked that they cancel all rooms booked in our group without financial penalty to you or to Area 15. If you booked a room outside of our area block you will need to contact directly with the hotel otherwise it will be taken care of.

We are now left with two of the three options I outlined previously:

Option 2: Move forward with an in-person one day event on a Sunday yet to be determined. We would plan to elect Area Committee chairs and hold an Area 15 business meeting followed by election of Delegate, Alternate Delegate, and Area Officers. The location for this event would need to be determined, but our hope would be that it be in October and take place near our originally planned site. As soon as we have secured a date/location the information will be shared. We hope to have that information by the end of next week, if possible.

Option 3: Move forward with a virtual event on a weekend to be determined that would accomplish the business outlined above. Most members who have weighed both options and have reached out to us have expressed a preference for Option 2 because they want the opportunity to meet in person; this seems to be the more desired choice.

Please rest assured that the decision to cancel our assembly was not made lightly; know that it was made with the safety of all our members in mind, as well as the profound right for all members to participate. Despite our individual disappointment, this is a moment where we can practice Tradition 1, putting our common welfare first and deferring to the good of the group.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. Speaking on behalf of your Area Officers, the Quarterly Coordinator Committee, and your Host District Chair, your safety and well-being are in our prayers.

Thank you for your continuing service!

Grateful to serve,
Lisa D., Area 15 Chairperson, Panel 71

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