Christmas and New Year’s Alcothon Schedule

Happy Holidays! The Christmas and New Year’s Alcothon schedule has been released. The holidays can be an especially tough time for members of our fellowship, so don’t spend them alone. Starting 1pm on Christmas Eve at the Triangle Club, join us for meetings every hour on the hour straight through til 11AM on Christmas day. Then, on New Year’s Eve, we’ll do it again, with meetings starting at 1pm on December 31st, running til 11AM on New Year’s Day. Groups who were able to host the meetings drew for slots during November’s Intergroup Business Meeting. The slots are as follows – and remember, although different groups from our area are chairing the meetings, all Alcothon meetings will be taking place at the Triangle Club:

Christmas Alcothon

December 24thDecember 25th
1:00 pmEnd of the Road12:00 amLongest Day of the Year
2:00 pm3:30 Happy Hour1:00 am1369 Knuckleheads
3:00 pmSerenity Ladies2:00 amMonday Night Men’s
4:00 pmJupiter Farms3:00 amFiring Line
5:00 pmSisters in Sobriety EDI4:00 amDepth & Weight
6:00 pmHappy, Joyous & Free5:00 amWomen’s 4th Dimension
7:00 pmCardinal Lane6:00 amSober on Sunday
8:00 pmCentral Group7:00 amSunrise Sobriety Virtual
9:00 pmGood Morning Group8:00 amTired of the Beating
10:00 pmWe Found the Way9:00 amDay Openers
11:00 pmHump Day10:00 amExpect a Miracle
11:00 amThe Unfortunates

New Year’s Alcothon

December 31stJanuary 1st
1:00 pm3:30 Happy Hour12:00 amWomen’s 4th Dimension
2:00 pm3rd Tradition1:00 amThe Unfortunates
3:00 pmMonday Night Men’s2:00 am1369 Knuckleheads
4:00 pmJupiter Farms3:00 amDepth & Weight
5:00 pmSober on Sunday4:00 amLongest Day of the Year
6:00 pmSisters in Sobriety EDI5:00 amSunny Isles
7:00 pmSisters in Sobriety6:00 amHappy, Joyous & Free
8:00 pmCentral Group7:00 amExpect a Miracle
9:00 pmHump Day8:00 amFiring Line
10:00 pmAfter Hours Group9:00 amWe Found the Way
11:00 pmGood Morning Group10:00 amSerenity Ladies
11:00 amEnd of the Road

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