1. Go to a meeting
  2. Phone a friend
  3. Talk to your Higher Power
  4. Read, watch or listen to the “Big Book”
  5. Write a gratitude list
  6. Read from “The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions”
  7. Make a sobriety scrapbook
  8. Journal about working a step
  9. Discover all the reading materials available at Intergroup
  10. Volunteer at Intergroup
  11. Take a walk
  12. Work on a puzzle
  13. Make a puzzle
  14. Take a nap
  15. Read the daily reading from “Twenty-Four Hours a Day”
  16. Read the daily reading from “Reflections Meditation”
  17. Journal thoughts about the daily reading
  18. Prepare a healthy snack
  19. Practice meditation
  20. Read a non-fiction book
  21. Go to the library
  22. Wash the car
  23. Wash the dog
  24. Play with the cat
  25. Challenge a friend to text with you daily 3 things of gratitude
  26. Knit a scarf or learn how to knit
  27. Clean out a messy drawer
  28. Do a crossword puzzle
  29. Listen to a relaxation tape on YouTube
  30. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure
  31. Try out a new hair-do
  32. Go to the gym
  33. Run in place
  34. Do jumping jacks
  35. Write a letter
  36. Plant some flowers
  37. Clean your closet
  38. Go to the movies
  39. Make a friendship bracelet
  40. Give to a friend the above bracelet
  41. Do some deep breathing exercises
  42. Do push-ups
  43. Give someone you love a hug
  44. Mow the lawn
  45. Trim the trees
  46. Take shower
  47. Take a bath
  48. Turn your bathroom into a spa
  49. Organize the nightstand
  50. Play with Play-Doh
  51. Brush and floss your teeth
  52. Kiss your special someone with fresh breath
  53. Sing loudly
  54. Dance
  55. Practice smiling in the mirror
  56. Play with Silly Putty
  57. Take pictures of nature
  58. Start a blog about things in nature
  59. Go bird watching
  60. Start a new YouTube channel for bird watchers
  61. Write a poem
  62. Finger paint
  63. Paint a room
  64. Go play mini-golf
  65. Whistle “Don’t Worry – Be Happy”
  66. Wax the car
  67. Watch the sunrise
  68. Watch the sunset
  69. Make a list of your favorite things heard in recovery
  70. Take a walk on the beach
  71. While at the beach, build a sand castle
  72. Collect shells from the beach
  73. Make a windchime with shells from the beach
  74. Treat yourself to a massage
  75. Pick a bouquet of wild flowers
  76. Decorate a vase from the Dollar Tree for the flowers
  77. Give the above flowers to a friend
  78. Color in a coloring book
  79. Sweep the porch
  80. Donate a box of stuff to your favorite charity
  81. Tie-dye an old t-shirt
  82. Make jewelry with beads and things from the Dollar Tree
  83. Give the above jewelry to someone special
  84. Make a collage with pictures cut-out of a magazine
  85. Pin craft paper on the wall and make it a vision board
  86. Join a book club
  87. Join a poetry reading club
  88. Go swimming or snorkeling
  89. Learn how to play an instrument
  90. Write your story – what it was like, what happened, and what it’s like now
  91. Share your story with someone in the program
  92. Play Sudoku
  93. Cook a gourmet meal
  94. Invite someone over to share in the above meal
  95. Take a scuba-diving class
  96. Visit a museum
  97. Go for a bike ride
  98. Eat some ice cream
  99. Freeze grapes to eat
  100. Write your own list of things to do instead of drink
  101. Remember – Move a muscle, Change a thought